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The non-click generation.


Mar 16, 2013 0 Comments

True, internet advertising, in its mobile and desktop form are the future of basically the majority of the advertising business. However, banner ads “on the side” and “Skip ad in 5…4…” videos are not a good or sufficient way to advertise to the younger generations unless they are severely pleasing. The banners have become transparent and the videos are skipped before the tickers can hit zero.

Most of my friends (16-26) and I completely have become desensitized to a lot of the internet’s banners. We don’t see advertisements on the sides of webpages. No doubt, they exist, but we’ve become so accustomed to this form of advertising, we’re able to focus on what’s important on the webpage.

Take Facebook’s “right side of the page” bar of advertisements. I’m not sure we’re even aware that they exist on some days, but they do. Our eyes are set to focus on the center and left of Facebook’s homepage. Sometimes they are a source of comedy as “Meet Gay Singles Near You” pops up in someone’s right side. We never click on these ads. We’d never dare. The wording of them just screams advertisement.

In my Gmail inbox, Google usually has a thin text ad above my mail listings. Today it says:

CA Judgment Collection – – Collection Experts (Min Size $25K) You Pay Nothing Unless We Collect!

I’m assuming that this is coming up because I was recently emailing my mother about how to pay taxes, and I’m constantly emailing major banks and financial firms because my parents work for them, I also have Sallie Mae sending me loan payment receipts.

I know why Google is displaying this text to me. I also know that it is junk and I have to admit, the only time in about a year or so that I even considered what was in that line of text was today, to write this article.

See, the point is, I know this ad is always in that space, I know what it does, I know its intentions, and I know the methods. It’s invisible to me because I know so much about it.

As consumers become more savvy with digital ads, it’s going to be an ongoing fight to get people to “click” in. A very hard fight. I haven’t clicked “in” intentionally in years.

Digital advertising needs to get more creative, animated, and worthwhile. That or just stick to selling my usage information.


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