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Global Sart Up Weekend!


Feb 9, 2013 1 Comment

Wow was this ever amazing. I went to one of the most intensive workshops I have ever attended. It’s called Global Start Up Weekend. It was held at Caltech from Friday through Sunday. The goal was to pitch and form a complete start up by Sunday at which point it would be presented to potential investors. There were about 75 people that turned into 11 teams. We all had a product or service we had to get to an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) state by Sunday evening. Our group worked on a concept called HELPSTER. It’s an app that college students could use so they could get help for just about anything and everything. We were a strong team of five and made great a great amount of headway in just two days. It was like being back at Art Center all over again. I think that’s why I gravitated towards this group because I could empathize with the students who need others to help them get their projects done. Especially if the help that was needed is cross disciplinary.

So how does Helpster work. You open the app and put in a request for help and how many tokens you are going to pay for the help. The request goes out to all the students or just the ones you want to see it. Then if someone sees it and wants to help you out for however many tokens you posted they claim it and you get it done and give the other guy your tokens. We went to Caltech and Art Center to see how people would use the service and made this quick little video.


  • Mr WordPress
    Feb 9, 2013 at 7:50 am Reply

    That sounds like it was awesome. Let me know if they do another one.

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